The Associate of Science Degree with a field of study in Biology offers students the opportunity to take a core curriculum of general education courses with an emphasis in Biology.

Many exciting career opportunities are available in the biological sciences. Students should bear in mind that many of the career areas listed require training beyond the Associate of Science degree, and some will require a post-graduate degree. The following is the list of the career areas one can pursuit with a degree in Biology:

  • Agriculture
  • Dentistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Marine Science
  • Medical research
  • Microbiological Research
  • Molecular Biology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Toxicology
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Dietary Research
  • Forensic Science
  • Health Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Science Education
  • Veterinary Science

Degree Plans Faculty Staff

Name Email Phone Location
Abbassi, Dr Morteza mabbassi 956-872-2023
Bashiri, Mr Lennine lsbashiri 956-872-2237 Pecan J 2.1006
Cantu, Jorge jcantu28 956-872-2023
Cervantes, Dr Maria mycervantes 956-872-2187 Pecan J 3.1104C
Chaudhary, Ms Shima schaudhary 956-872-6736 Pecan J 2.1206
Cordoba, Ms Joana jacordoba 956-872-6720 Pecan J 2.1208
Decanini, Dr. Laura lidecani 956-872-1669 Pecan PB 27A
Espinoza, Ms Sandra sespinoza_1015 956-872-2025 Pecan J 3.1102-D
Estrada, Mr Mario stcmario 956-447-6630 Mid-Valley G 232
Galvan, Mr Raul rgalvan 956-872-3547 Pecan J 3.1106
Galvan, Ms Xiomara xgalvan 956-872-2023
Garces, Dr Ruben rgarces12 956-488-5812 Starr E 2-714
Garza, Ms Atenea A. agarza297 956-872-6459 Pecan J 3.708
Gomez, Ms Monica I. mgomez63 956-447-6633 Mid Valley G-229
Gonzalez, Ramos Dr Javier jgonzalezramos 956-872-2021 Pecan J 3.1102-B
Lemus Wilson, Dr Athena alemuswilson 956-872-2226 Pecan J 3.406
Lieman, Dr Jonathan jlieman 956-872-2038 Pecan J 3.1114
Mahmoudian Geller, Dr Mehrzad mmahmoud 956-872-6460 Pecan J 3.1118
Martinez, Alan Herrera aherre85 956-872-5651 Pecan PB 26-B
Maserang, Ms Helen maserang 956-872-2176 Pecan J 3.202
Mirzaei, Daryoush dmirzaei 956-872-6474 Pecan J 3.404
Munoz, Jr., Dr Jesus jmunoz38 956-872-8357 Pecan  J 3.1108
Murray, Dr Keith kdmurray 956-447-6634 Mid-Valley G 228
Ndolo, Thomas tndolo 956-447-7605 Mid-Valley G 291
Nilsson, Dr Jan nilsson 956-872-2334 Pecan J 2.1204
Odeh, Dr Murad modeh 956-872-2187 Pecan 3.1104C
Robacker, Dr David drobacker 956-447-1060 Mid-Valley G 132
Saenz-Hinojosa, Priscilla psaenz_6944 956-488-5875 Starr E 2.606
Salinger, Mr Joel salinger 956-872-2017 Pecan J 3.508
Simpson, Ms Luci lsimpson 956-973-7609 Mid-Valley G 228
Tamayo, Dr Edwin egtamayo 956-872-7233 Pecan G-228
Tchoua, Dr Urbain utchoua 956-488-4757 Starr E 2-622
Teter, Ms Diane teter 956-872-8362 Pecan J 3.506
Tijerina, Ms Maria T tijerina 956-488-5851 Starr E 2.732
Tufa, Suleyman stufa 956-447-1220 Mid-Valley G-292
Vatankha, Dr Mahmoud mlvatankha 956-872-2061 Pecan J 3.1102-F
Villalon, Dr Deborah dvillalon 956-447-7638 Mid-Valley G 235
Wheat, Mr Van vwheat 956-872-2168 Pecan J 3.1110
Zamora, Ruben rzamora 956-447-1063 Mid-Valley PB 1-B C.2
Ziaei, Dr Samira sziaei 956-872-7240 Pecan J 3.1104E

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name E-mail Phone Location
Carly Koester ckoester 956-872-2023 PCNJ 3-1104
Carlos E. Gonzalez carloseg 956-872-6496 PCNJ 3-502